The Imvu Classic website builder

The Imuvu Classic websitebuilder has launched a new online marketplace called Imuvumedia.

The Imuvums site is currently undergoing a redesign and is now offering more than 50 different types of rental properties.

The website builder says it has also added more than 10,000 new rental properties to its existing database.

“The Imu Classic site builder is a powerful tool for the builder and has a robust database of rental listings and properties,” said Ajay Chatterjee, Imuvuvumes Chief Marketing Officer.

“We are also looking forward to building a larger and more diverse portfolio of rentals through our platform.”

Renters can choose from many different rental properties ranging from tiny houses to townhouses, apartments, townhouses and studios.

The Imu website builder offers free and premium plans for its new website builder and lets users upload their listings.

Imuvuumedia is a search engine, which allows users to quickly find rental properties and properties that are nearby.

A user can also search for properties based on criteria such as location, age, location, height, proximity, etc. For more details, visit

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