“The Unseen War on Drugs”

Posted August 24, 2018 11:14:30When we think of the war on drugs, we usually think of drug users, mostly black, white, Hispanic and Asian.

But the war is taking a darker turn.

This year, the United States has seen an increase in murders of young people by police officers and in a sharp rise in the death rate among young people of color.

A new book on the topic, “The Untold War on Drug Policy,” by the New York Times reporter Matt Taibbi, offers an unflinching look at the drug war’s impact on communities of color and the war itself.

The title refers to the United Nations’ “War on Drugs.”

In the book, Taibbit takes on the war in a number of compelling ways.

In the opening chapters, he argues that the war against drugs is being driven by two different factions within the criminal justice system, and that the “war on drugs” is a “failed war.”

Taibbies thesis centers on two major issues: the War on Terror and the War On Drugs.

He argues that both the war and the drugs have been hijacked by powerful groups to justify war and to justify the use of violence.

For example, the War Against Drugs was created in the 1980s and is “the product of an ideological struggle between the government and the drug industry, and is designed to create a more violent regime.”

The War On Terror is an example of a war fought by the government to stop terrorism and a drug war waged by the criminal drug industry to maintain its monopoly over the black market.

“Drugs and the Politics of Terror” is an attempt to show that the War and the Drugs have nothing to do with each other, and both are part of the same global war on terror, Taibi argues.

Taibbit also examines the war’s effect on communities.

He says that police are disproportionately targeting the communities of colour in the war.

The war on heroin, for example, is being waged by police and prosecutors in places such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

“The War on drugs is a failed war,” Taibbits conclusion says.

“It’s an attempt by powerful organizations, the police and the prosecutors, to create an atmosphere in which they can fight crime.”

“The Untolds War on the Drug War” is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

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