How to adopt a cat

Pet adoption sites have been flooded with ads in recent weeks, prompting some pet owners to question their motives.

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Facebook’s ban on ads on its adoption platform, PetSmart and Petco are looking to bring the adoption community more in line with their traditional marketing strategies.

“We want to take a look at what people want, what their priorities are, what they’re doing to make sure they’re getting the best possible adoption experience,” PetSmart CEO and co-founder Paul Bresson said during a conference call on Thursday.

“We know that in the past, we’ve had a lot of adoption issues that didn’t necessarily align with our traditional marketing efforts.

We want to try and make sure that people have a better understanding of what their goals are, and we’re not going to go down the rabbit hole.”

The ads will show up on pet sites for free, with a limit on how many people can see them at a time.

Pets can see up to 20 ads a day, with the limits going up when the adoption process reaches 100 animals.

The sites will also feature content from brands like McDonalds and Amazon, which PetSmart said it hopes will help customers make better decisions.

They will also be free for people who sign up for their site, which will allow people to sign up with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

PetSmart is also looking to promote its new CatAdoption Service, which it hopes offers better service than the adoption sites.

As a pet owner, you can choose to see a list of pets, or to make a list for yourself of your favorite pets.

This feature is being offered as a free service for existing pet owners, but it can be purchased for $5 per pet.

When PetSmart offers this service, it is only available to existing pet parents.

It is not a way to add pets to your online pet account, which is required to adopt.

Pets can also sign up to the site, where they will have access to a pet adoption dashboard.

To sign up, pets must be at least 6 months old and have at least $150 in their Pet AdoptionService account.