When You Can’t Get Enough Weird Websites To Try Today

When you want something new to try, you need to do it today.

Here are six new weird websites you might want to try.


Weird Almanac 2.

The Weird Almanack 3.

The Strange 4.

The Uncanny 5.

Weirdly Insane 6.

The Unexplained Mysteries 1.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 2.

Weirdness in the Dark 3.

Weird Science 4.

Weird Stuff 5.

The Unknown 4.

Strange Stories 6.

Weird Times 7.

The Secret History of Halloween 8.

Weird Tales 9.

Weird Things 10.

Weird Places 11.

Weird Toys 12.

Weird Webs 2.

YouTuber Azzie Beetz has taken to his YouTube channel to tell us what weird things he’s discovered over the past month.

You can find the videos here.