Biden Harris: Men’s Clothing is the Best Business For Women

The Vice President has a strong track record of championing the industry, and his new book, “Men’s Clothing,” is full of stories about men’s clothing companies that cater to the needs of women.

Biden harris is the president and CEO of the American Men’s Wearhouse Association, which provides a platform for the men’s apparel industry, which has grown from $6 billion in 2010 to $7.5 billion in 2015.

“We have the most amazing women in this country, and I’ve never seen them more empowered,” Biden said in an interview with CNBC in 2015, in which he also talked about how women are using technology to do their shopping.

“I think it’s the best business for women, because it provides a way for women to make better choices and get better deals and get what they want.

And that’s not just good for them, but good for us.”

He added, “It’s great for men, because men can get into the business.”

Biden hars rivalled Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on their business acumen, which he says was the key to making their businesses successful.

But the pair is also known for having a more outspoken approach to their business, and Biden haris own book was a scathing attack on women who use the term “feminazi” to describe the outspoken businesswomen.

“When it comes to men’s clothes, you have to remember that we are women,” Biden wrote.

“Women make up a significant portion of our workforce.

They’re not just customers, but also partners in business and in the workforce.

And as a result, it’s no surprise that we have a lot of disagreement and an enormous amount of frustration when we get things wrong. “

This is a business, not a religion.

If a woman wears a dress, it makes her a feminist. “

If a man wears a suit and tie to work, it doesn’t make him a misogynist.

If a woman wears a dress, it makes her a feminist.

That’s just not true.”

Biden was also critical of a new trend in women’s clothing that he says is not about empowering women but instead “is a misogynistic, sexist thing.”

The trend Biden is referring to is the use of women as accessories for men’s outfits.

While this is not necessarily bad business, Biden harsts, it does not represent the way men should dress.

“It was just a trend that wasn’t done by women,” he told CNBC in the interview.

“That was a way to try to get into business with women, but that was not what it was supposed to be about.”

Biden also blasted the notion that “men’s clothing is the most important thing” in the world.

“No, men’s fashion has been in decline for decades,” he said.

“And the reason is because men’s women’s fashion is not good for men.

It’s not good at all.

It has to be more focused on women’s needs.

And the problem with that is we don’t have that focus, and we have to get back to women’s.

And I think that is what’s really important.

“A lot of women are afraid to start a business because of that.” “

You’ve got to be an entrepreneur to make this work,” Biden added.

“A lot of women are afraid to start a business because of that.”

Biden said the fashion industry is more important to women today than ever before, and the world needs to get behind the brands and entrepreneurs that are putting it all on the line.