How to stop Facebook from deleting your art

It’s a tricky process that involves finding the right art that’s been shared on the social media site.

But it’s a process that can be done on an automated basis and takes only a few minutes.

Here are five ways you can stop Facebook removing your art on your website.


Remove Facebook’s Bot from your site 1.1 If you’ve created an art gallery on Facebook, the bot will tell you when it’s finished.

Once it’s done, the bots will be removed.

This is where you’ll want to take action.

1/3 If you have multiple galleries on your site, you can take a look at how Facebook handles sharing art.

When a user shares a page, it appears on the left-hand side of the page, or the right-hand corner of the screen.

To make it easier to find, you’ll see a red dot next to the share button, which indicates that the page is public.

So if your gallery is public, Facebook will show the share icon for it.

In this example, the red dot indicates that it’s public, so click on the share bar to see more information.

2/3 You can also check to see if your art is public by clicking the share option on a page.

The Bot will ask if you’d like to see the content of the shared page.

If you say yes, it will tell the bot to add it to your shared gallery.

This will let the bot know that your art was shared.

This process will take a few seconds.

You can then remove the shared gallery and the Bot will delete the page from your Facebook account.

3/3 To find your art, you need to know the art’s title and description.

If your gallery has more than one artist, you might want to go through each one separately.

To find an artist’s name, go to your Facebook gallery, and then click on Art & Co. If that’s not possible, you may be able to find an individual artist by searching for them by name.

If the artist’s artwork is public and you want to remove it, click on Remove.

If it’s not public, the artist can’t be removed, so the user has to take the page down themselves.

If they don’t remove it and you remove it manually, you have to manually remove the page and remove the Bot from Facebook.

If this is the case, you should also be aware of the Bot’s actions in the future.

1 /3 2 / 3 The Bot can only see certain types of art.

For example, if you have a Facebook wall art with a picture of a man and a woman, and you have another photo of a woman and a man, then the Bot won’t know which image to remove.

You’ll need to do the following: 1 / 3 You can manually remove your art using the Actions tab.

You may need to click on “View All Actions” to see all the available actions.

If an action isn’t listed, it’s because it’s disabled.

You have to click “View and Re-Edit” to get to the actions menu.

2 / 4 You can either drag your artwork to a page in your gallery or click on a picture in your Facebook wall.

3 / 4 To remove a piece of artwork, click the share arrow in the top right corner.

If no share buttons appear, you’re on the “Public” side of your gallery.

The share bar is where Facebook will give you more information about the shared image.

You should click “Remove” when the shared artwork is removed.

You will then see your artwork removed from your gallery and removed from the page.

You must also click “Continue” to keep your gallery private.

You’re done!