‘Gorgeous’ baby born in Australia

A baby born to a surrogate mother in Australia has been named after singer-songwriter George Michael.

The boy’s parents, John and Catherine, welcomed the arrival of the second-born baby in Melbourne on Thursday, after a surrogate was involved in delivering the baby on Wednesday.

The couple were able to raise the child by themselves in the city’s northern suburbs, where John and his partner, Cathy, live.

“It was a wonderful experience to get the blessing of the doctors and nurses,” John told news.com.au.

“We had our baby boy, and the nurse who did the ultrasound said she’d been waiting for a boy to arrive for five years.”

This was a bit of a surprise for us, as we hadn’t thought we’d ever have a boy.

“The first two weeks we didn’t know anything about him, and we didn’ know if he was a boy or a girl.”

Then we got to the hospital and all of a sudden he was born.

“He was the happiest baby she’d ever had.”

John and Catherine have five other children from previous relationships, including their daughter, Zoe.

John said he was delighted to be able to share the joy of being able to bring up his son.

“I’ve been trying to find someone to give my son a name for three years, and now I have this beautiful opportunity,” he said.

“Hopefully he’ll learn to say his own name when he grows up.”

Being a dad is an amazing experience.

It’s really important that your child understands the importance of it.

“Our son is the only child in our family that knows his name.”

John said his wife and daughter were excited about their new baby.

“George Michael is my son and my hero,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“When we were in a difficult time, I couldn’t get the joy out of seeing him and his smile.”

My daughter and I are so grateful to have him.

“As parents, we can’t wait to see him grow up.”

The baby was born to Catherine and John’s surrogate mother, Mary, at a private hospital in Melbourne.

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