Wix – the world’s most popular music streaming service

Wix, the world s most popular YouTube music streaming site, has been acquired by Google, according to Google’s official blog.

Google announced that it had acquired Wix on February 17, and confirmed the news in a blog post on its website.

The company said the acquisition would provide the site with “significant additional resources” in the form of data and analytics.

Wix has been available on the Play Store since its launch in November.

However, the company has struggled to find a large enough user base to grow the business.

According to a blog entry published by Wix’s team, the site has over 100 million monthly active users and about 200 million video views.

It currently has over 40 million subscribers and is listed on the Google Play store.

Wix is currently working on its first big update to the app, which will see it become more flexible.

It is unclear when Wix will start its next major update to its app, but it will likely be released around the same time as Google’s next major mobile update.