What’s the deal with the Jaguars’ new home?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been eyeing a new home in Las Vegas for a while, and now that they’ve finally made their decision, it’s time to get a little more specific about what that will entail.

Here are five things we know about the new stadium that is expected to be built for the Jaguars in the Vegas strip.1.

It’s a big change for the cityThe Jaguars are moving their headquarters from Jacksonville, Florida, to Las Vegas.

That’s the latest in a long line of relocation moves that the team has made in recent years, but it’s the biggest in the franchise’s history.

And the move is expected in a way that’s even more significant for the team and its fans than what’s been seen before: It means the team is moving its entire fan base to Las and the entire city of Las Vegas, with the only difference being that there will be a brand new stadium in the middle of the city.

This is a big shift for the franchise.

Jacksonville is not only the oldest NFL team in the United States, but also one of the league’s most popular franchises.

Since its inception in 1964, the Jaguars have won two Super Bowls, captured three championships, and captured three more Super Bowl titles.

That is an impressive run, and fans who grew up in Jacksonville will get to enjoy the same experience in Las, just like the Jaguars themselves.2.

The Jaguars are building the new team’s new stadium with the help of the NFLA lot of people have been talking about how this is the biggest stadium in all of professional sports.

And while it’s true that the Jaguars are in a different league to most of the other teams in the NFL, the real money is in the stadium itself, and the team’s ownership group is building it with the support of the National Football League.

The new stadium is expected take in roughly 7.6 million people, according to estimates from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Taxicab Authority.

That figure is a lot of fans, but that number doesn’t include people who will pay to drive there.

That number includes the people who can’t afford to go there because it costs more.3.

The team is paying to build itThe stadium is slated to cost about $1.8 billion to build, according a statement from the team.

That includes about $900 million in private donations and about $2 billion in private investment.

That total includes $1 billion from private investors and $1 million from the Jaguars.

The private donations are part of the team building plan, which will help pay for the stadium.

The team is also investing heavily in other sports, including its new stadium, which it will be building in partnership with the Lasers and Lasers Lasers Entertainment.

The money it’s bringing in through those two deals will be used to build the new facility, as well.

The stadium itself will cost about about $500 million, with $250 million of that going to the team, $250 for the LasERS and LasERS Lasers franchise, and $250 from the new Jaguars stadium.

That total is far more than any other stadium in professional sports, and it’s expected to break even in the next three to four years.4.

The NFL is expected get involvedThe Jaguars’ stadium deal with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made the team one of those teams that has the most direct and immediate involvement with the league.

Goodell has called it the most important piece of the stadium project, and he has spoken about how important it is for the new stadiums to be constructed in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Goodell also has said that he would prefer that the NFL’s governing body, the NFLPA, build the stadium for the players, but the NFL is also expected to get involved.

The Jaguars have already invested millions in a facility in the San Diego area that is supposed to be ready to open in 2020.

But that’s just the beginning.

Goodell is expected make a commitment that the league is going to invest in the new facilities in Las and Las Vegas in the future.

That will give the league more leverage over the process, and that will help the league make the most of its time.5.

This is the first time in NFL history that the new home of the Jaguars will have a new nameThe Jaguars name was used by the team from its very first season in Jacksonville in the 1960s.

It was a nickname for a team that was based out of Jacksonville, which was then known as the city of Jacksonville.

The name was changed to the Jaguars franchise after the team moved to Jacksonville in 1961.

The current Jaguars name is an abbreviation for the word “Jaguars.”

The team has a number of other nicknames, including “Jax” (after the name of the football team), “Jazz,” and “Jalen.”

But the Jaguars name has remained in place since it was used, as the team changed the name in 2011.

In 2015, the team finally adopted the new name as its official nickname