‘We can’t have a discussion without facts’: ‘We cannot have a conversation without facts’

The Republican National Committee is trying to capitalize on the political fallout from a report that revealed the FBI obtained the names of millions of Americans who were previously registered to vote, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The GOP’s plan to capitalize comes after an executive order by President Donald Trump in January barring people from entering the U.S. if they have a criminal record.

A federal appeals court has since struck down the order, but the Trump administration is appealing that decision.

Trump, in his executive order, told people to check their Social Security number, driver’s license or birth certificate to make sure they have not been convicted of a crime.

But the report released Monday showed the FBI had the names, addresses and dates of millions more people who were not on the federal voter registration rolls.

The WSJ report noted that the FBI did not obtain any names, but instead “mixed data” from “a large number of public-facing social media profiles.”

The report found that the bureau had a list of more than 30 million Americans who had previously voted and were not registered to participate in the election.

The FBI said it was looking for names from more than 20 million voters whose information was found in its “voter rolls.”

It also said it had information about more than 400,000 of those who were registered to register to vote but never did.