Why is the world so obsessed with parler?

A parler website has launched after being the subject of a string of conspiracy theories.

The site, which has been described as the most popular web forum on the internet, has been around for years but has been accused of spreading false news.

It is now being used by a number of websites that were once associated with conspiracy theories, including InfoWars and InfoWars.

News.com.au has compiled the top five conspiracy theories that parler is responsible for.

Parler is a “social news site” which aims to provide “an alternative news source for Australian’s media, the general public and political activists”.

News.au is running a series of articles on the parler site, including the story “Parler’s true origins”.

News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, owns the news site, along with other media companies including The Australian, The Age, The Sunday Telegraph and News Corp News Corp’s website, parler.com, is hosted on a US server.

It was created in 2009 by the site’s founders, a team of Australian academics including Andrew Bolt, the son of the late Sydney journalist Malcolm and wife of the journalist Stephen Bolt.

They were given access to the website’s content and then had to check its authenticity before sharing it.

“We want to get this site on as many people’s screens as possible so they can get access to all the information,” Parler co-founder and CEO Nick Parlett said.

“It’s a community that’s built on trust, and trust is the bedrock of our business model.”

Parlett and Bolt told News Corp Australia they have taken responsibility for Parler’s success.

“I don’t think anyone was aware of the project when we started, but we’ve done a lot of hard work to build this community,” Bolt said.

News Corp is not the only media company that has used the site.

News Corporation owns the Australian Financial Review and the Financial Review newspaper, along of other media outlets including The Daily Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and The Age.

“Parler was born out of the need to provide a platform for the voices of Australians to be heard on the front pages of major newspapers and other media,” Parlett told News Corporation Australia.

News Australia chief executive officer James Purdum said he was confident the company would remain a “good friend to Australia”.

“Parlett is one of the pioneers of the Internet, and he’s the co-creator of Parler, and has a long history of working with other internet companies and technology companies to develop the web as a platform that everyone can benefit from,” Purdums statement said.

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