How to Build a Beautiful Square Website With Google Analytics

When it comes to design, Google Analytics is the gold standard for website analytics.

It can be a great tool to help you track traffic, visitors, and conversions.

However, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it can be really confusing.

Luckily, this article is going to walk you through how to create a beautiful square website with Google Analytics.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up Google Analytics for your website, including how to include analytics in your HTML.

Before we begin, I would like to point out that this article assumes you already have an account with Google, so if you already don’t have an email, you can sign up to one now.

If you don´t have an active Google Analytics account, you will need to create one before you can begin.

This tutorial will walk you step-by-step through how you can set up the Google Analytics dashboard.


Create a Google Analytics Account Once you’ve logged in to your Google account, head to the Google Admin dashboard and select Google Analytics from the drop-down menu.

On the left-hand side of the page, you should see a small Google Analytics icon.

Click it to open the Google analytics dashboard.


Find your Analytics Analytics tab Next, we’re going to create an Analytics tab.

This tab is a dashboard for your Google Analytics accounts.

Once you create an account, this tab will be displayed at the top of the Google dashboard.

Click the blue button next to the Analytics tab to open it.

In the Analytics Dashboard, click the blue checkmark icon in the upper-right corner to open your Analytics dashboard in Google Analytics, which should be the first tab you see when you visit your Google dashboard page.


Create the Google Tag Your name or your URL will be added to your tag.

It will appear next to your profile name, so you can easily see what’s happening.

For example, if your profile says you are an actor, your tag will show as “actor”.

Click on the link next to it to create your Google Tag.


Click on Create New Tag If you do not have a Google account yet, you’ll need to sign up for one.

Click Create New Account on the Google admin dashboard.

The next screen asks you to select a Google Account and password.

Click Save.


Create an Email Address You will need an email address in order to create Google Analytics email addresses.

Enter your email address and click Create.

If the email address doesn’t already exist, click Create New.

The first page of the email account creation screen will look like this: 6.

Click Add an Email To Create an email account is the easy part.

It is important to select an email for your account, otherwise your account will be rejected when the Google account creation process starts.

Click Next to create the email.


Enter Your Email Address Select the first page in the email creation screen.

The email address you entered should match your email on Google Analytics and the name you chose for your google analytics account.

If it doesn’t match, click on the “Create New Email Address” button.

The rest of the account creation instructions are the same as those for creating a new account, but the email name and password fields have been added to the email box.


Fill In Your Email Information You need to fill in your email information on the first screen.

Fill in your name, the last four letters of your email, and the subject of your message.

You may also need to add the subject line if your message has a link or other content in it.

Click Done to close the email form.


Add Your Analytics Account If you have already created an Analytics account and entered your email to create it, you need to go ahead and fill in the information.

Enter the email you entered in Step 2.

Click Fill.

You will be asked to select the email option, then click on Create.


Create New Analytics Account Enter the account name you created in Step 1.

Click Confirm.

You’ll be asked for a verification code to confirm the account is up and running.

Enter that code and click Next.


Enter The Google Tag If there is no email account in your Google analytics account, your email will not be included in the Google tag.

You can use this to automatically generate an email tag for your analytics account and then submit that email for inclusion in your analytics page.

The Google Analytics tag will appear on your Google Dashboard in the first row.

The google tag will not appear on the analytics page for your domain.


Create Your Google Analytics Tag Enter your Google tag name.

Click New Tag.

You should see an email in the address field next to each of your Google accounts.


Create your Google Account Next, click Edit Analytics Account.

The account creation page looks like this.


Click Email to Enter The Email Tag Enter the following information into the email tag field: Email Address: Google Analytics Email