Adidas launches $100 billion video game brand, says CEO

Posted May 01, 2020 03:12:27After decades of building the brands iconic shoes, adidas today announced that it will launch a new video game line called “The Ballad of the Ballad”.

The game will be made by adidas Originals, the adidas brand that also produces Nike and Adidas.

“The Ballacad of The Ballad is a new game that will take you inside the shoes and experience the story behind each shoe.

It will help you understand the passion behind each adidas shoe, from its inspiration to the shoes themselves,” said Tom Gundersen, President and CEO of adidas.

The brand said the game will feature a brand new set of players that will give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the shoes.

“The game is based on the passion and creativity of the entire adidas family, from designers to adidas fans,” said Gundersen.

The game, set to launch in 2018, will be a sequel to the adiBallad, the first video game to be released in 2018 that focused on the “Ballad of Ballad” story.

The Ballace of Ballades will be based on a popular adidas video game series, which debuted in 2007, but was recently updated with new content, including a brand-new player called the “Guitar King”.

The new game will also feature “The Lost Ballad”, which features “The Warlord”, “The Great King”, and “The Queen”, as well as an alternate ending, the “Queen’s Ballad.”

The new game also features a new player called “King of the Lost Ballads”, whose main purpose is to “protect the King’s Ballade.”

The game has been a big hit on the adigas website.