The next great RPG is on the horizon, and it’s worth buying!

Epic Games has announced a new RPG series called The Lost World Saga, and today it’s also revealing that it’s getting a new title for the series: The Lost Planet.

The game will debut in 2017.

The Lost Planet is an RPG set in a universe called the Beyond, where humanity has disappeared from the Earth and its inhabitants have become extinct.

The story is set in the Beyond and takes place around 3 billion years in the past.

It’s the first game in the series to be set in an alternate timeline, and the first one to be a first-person shooter.

In The Lost Earth Saga, players will explore a world where the people of Earth have vanished and are on a quest to reclaim the past for the sake of the future.

The game will be a cooperative multiplayer game, and will have multiple player races and missions.

There will also be cooperative multiplayer in multiplayer mode, as well as online co-op, but only between players on a single computer.

Players will be able to have up to four characters in each team, and they’ll also be able move between the two teams.

There’s no official name yet for the game, but we do know that there will be four different playable races and three different kinds of environments, with the player characters moving through them as they play.

The new game will come out later this year, and we will bring you more information about it as it becomes available.