What you need to know about IHSS, the Indian Health Service – An overview

A new website is launching on the internet today to provide a more accurate, transparent, and up-to-date overview of the IHss (Indian Health Service) system, according to an executive of the organisation.IHSS was founded in 1984 and is now an internationally recognised health care system.

It has been administered by the Indian government since 1999.

The website is called “India Health Service, the most comprehensive healthcare portal in the world” and was launched on December 14.

The portal, which has an online dashboard, allows users to get a more detailed picture of the current status of IHess systems and health facilities.

It aims to provide users with the most up- to-date information about IHS, the National Health Service (NHS), and the various healthcare systems.

The site is available on the websites of government ministries and departments.

The government of India has about 2,500 healthcare facilities across the country.

The government has also developed a new website for the IHS.

The new portal, however, is not a direct competitor to the healthcare portal of the Indian Information Technology (IT) ministry.

The IT ministry has launched a portal called IHASignal which has a similar purpose.

The IHs main aim is to provide data, statistics, and information on health care services.

The portal provides the most detailed data about healthcare systems across the globe.IHS was launched to ensure the welfare of the countrys citizens, particularly those who live in remote areas, said Amit Kumar, MD of the Health Systems Research Institute, a health system research body.

He also said that the website will also give people the opportunity to check the status of the health systems in their region.