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The Huffington Pundit The following is a list of all the furniture websites we have linked to. 

This list was compiled by the Huffington Post using the links on each website and any other relevant information. 

If you find any information that we have missed or have information to add, please let us know.

This list of furniture websites will be updated as more information becomes available.

Furniture Designers Blog: The Furnishing Blog of Furniture Designer    A great website for finding furniture designs and design resources to help you find the perfect furniture. 

It’s the Fashionista Blog and you can read about the designers and their work at . 

A great resource for finding the perfect chair for your home. 

The Furniture Designs section is a great resource to start with for finding new furniture designs. 

Also check out our Faville Blogs section to get a good feel for how different designers work. 

For a more in-depth look at the design process, visit the designs and furniture blog. 

Hudson Design: A wonderful resource for discovering new furniture styles and design trends. 

They have great photos of the pieces and also a variety of design inspiration and reviews for inspiration. 

Check out the Furniture Blog for the latest furniture trends and reviews. 

Glamour Magazine:  Graphic Design Magazine of the Furnishing Industry and Designers blog.

They have some great pieces of furniture and accessories. 

You can read more about their blog here. 

Prestige Furniture: Founder of Prestige Furnace Designs. 

Good quality pictures of a lot of the great designs.

You can find the design for a lot or just one or two pieces of work. 

 Prestigear Furniture is the largest and best quality furniture website for designers and furniture buyers. 

 For more great furniture designs visit the Prestige Design Blog. 

New Furniture Reviews: Fantastic Furniture,Designing the Perfect Chair,Designer Tips,New Furnishing Ideas and more! 

This blog provides great design and inspiration for home decorating and interior design. 

Designers are featured in many of the reviews and photos and their posts are always well written and well designed. 

There is also a great community of people who like to discuss design topics. 

Read more about the site. 

Home Designers Journal: Home design websites that offer a variety, a wide range of design ideas,and a community of furniture designers. 

Their reviews are always helpful and helpful. 

Another great site to check out is Designing in Homes. 

And, Frugal Designers Blog: Good site for finding great furniture design inspiration.

You can find a lot in this site.Read more about the site here.Designers Presents: Paint your walls with your own painting and furniture designs at Founded by a designer, the design is easy to follow and you can share with your friends. 

Fellow designers Painted by Design and Design Design also provide the inspiration and inspiration to paint your walls. 

We also have Design by Design the best online furniture site that will make your decorating a breeze. 

Get started today. 

Founders’ Design Blog: A great site for discovering the best furniture designs in the world and designers that have a passion for furniture. has a large design portfolio and is dedicated to making sure that designers that have a vision are represented. 

Some of the best designs on the site are Mona and Fulham Designs, the Design of the Century and Drake Designs.

The Design by Design blog also has a gallery and has some great photography and design ideas. 

More of the site is found at Foundartrader . 

Pesto Designs: Great design for mood lighting and other decorating. 

Learn about the different design styles and paint your home with this site and you will find some great inspiration and ideas.

More of this site is found at Pestodistrict. 

A Design Blog that has a wealth of designs for any decorating project. 

Enjoy this blog and check out designing by design blogs. 

Find more great design ideas at design by design and design blogs  and get a feel for the style. 

Free Stuff: Designer Design Blogs: These design blog sites are great for finding designers,designing concepts and ideas for your decorating projects. 

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